Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many images do you deliver?  A:  We believe that every moment in time is precious. We don’t delete down to a certain number of photos, we are experienced professionals, not spray and pray weekend warriors. A typical 9 hour (one day) wedding produces around 1000-1500 images, and you receive them all.  Multiple day weddings: depending on the hours per day we are there covering your event, around 1000 images per day.

Q: How many weddings do you take per year? A: Depending on the amount of travel required for each wedding and the dates that they book, we usually take around 15-17 weddings per year.  

Q: What can we expect when we hire you?  A: You can expect feeling confident that you have made one of the best decisions for your wedding venue team and that you have a new friend who is very experienced in everything weddings to help you out with the planning process and to make you feel very comfortable being photographed!

Q: When people hire you for their destination wedding do they pay your airfare and hotel costs in addition to your fee? A: Yes they do.  Our clients recognize the value in bringing someone along that they know and trust to document their important event.  They are aware of the risk involved in hiring a resort photographer and chose to not waste money or have regrets on a photographer or experience they might not be happy with. In addition, resort photography contracts are often unclear or even non-existent, so sometimes hidden costs to obtain images are revealed later that can be a shocking aftermath.

Q: What do you mean most trusted and experienced? A: Michelle Huber has been photographing weddings since 1988, as far as we know there is no one else in the Twin Cities with that kind of experience.  95% or more of our clients find us through actual word of mouth (not advertising or social media).  This kind of true organic reach is only possible through happy real life experiences and years working hard to gain that kind of trust.  Our clients love us and trust us so much that they invite us back into their lives to photograph their births, their newborn photography, their business headshots, magazine collaborations and more. Most of our clients were either in a wedding we photographed or had a family member who used us for their wedding.  We are hired by clients who sometimes want complete privacy and we respect that. 

Q: Do you have backup equipment and insurance?  Yes, we have backups on everything and if your venue requires your venders to be insured, we have more than enough coverage and can provide documentation required for your venue.

Statement: Distinctive Merit  The weddings on our website are real, our followers and likes are organic.  We have been published in real magazines and have won awards and accolades with actual merit. We are not spray and pray weekend warriors.  We are professional wedding photographers-this is all we do and we do it well.