The TOP 5 Questions you really should be asking during your photographer interviews:

1.) HOW MANY IMAGES WILL WE RECIEVE? I can’t stress enough the importance of this very basic question. Does your photographer edit down to a certain number? How do they determine if an image doesn’t make the cut? Do they use an editing service to cull the images? At Michelle Huber Photography we do our own editing and we do not delete or edit down to a certain number. Every image is a moment captured, and who am I to say this moment was not important and should be deleted? This really hit home with me when my sister in law got married. This was such a fun wedding, my son who was living in Germany at the time (with his wife and child) came home for the wedding. I was out on the dance floor with my toddler grandson, the photographer was snapping away, taking lots of pics of us out there having a blast! I was so excited, I could not wait to have those pictures. When the wedding images arrived, none of those images were there to be seen. I reached out to the photographer and asked, she said they didn’t turn out very well and were deleted. I was heart broken, I would have wanted those images even if they were blurry or what have you! That was a moment in time that was extremely valuable to me, this is why I do not delete images, with us, you recieve them all.

2.) A TWO PART QUESTION-DO YOU USE TELEPHOTO LENSES? AND, WILL YOUR VIDEOGRAPHER USE TELEPHOTO LENSES? This is a question that almost never gets asked and really should not be overlooked and here’s why:Untitled-1

This image says it all-these are hired videographers circling around the couple during the ceremony. A professional photographer or videographer should never be up in your face during the ceremony, there is never a reason for that. A professional has proper equipment to allow for a respectful distance, especially during the ceremony.

4.) WILL WE GET FULL RIGHTS TO OUR IMAGES, ARE THEY LIMITED IN WHAT SIZE WE CAN PRINT? Many photographers shrink images down in the editing process. Possibly because they do a lot of post production editing that shrinks the image file, or perhaps they do not capture the image exposure properly, so in making corrections the file size is reduced. A professional wedding photographer does not do this. A professional has the experience photographing to maintain the image integrity so you recieve sharp clear images, not only sharp and clear enough for social media posting, but also for printing and framing on your wall.


5.) HOW WILL YOU DRESS AT MY WEDDING? Especially during these times. Maybe during the Zoom meeting all you see is the pretty blouse, and maybe during an engagement session it makes sense to wear jeans if your photographer is climbing around on rocks and dirt to catch an amazing shot, so it gets overlooked. Will your photographer show up to your wedding wearing see through yoga pants or jogging shorts? Personally, I like to try to blend in with guests at a wedding. I don’t want to stand out or draw attention to myself.

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