The Experienced Bride Beauty Secrets

IMG_5075 copyAfter photographing weddings for over 30 years, (yes, 30 years…yes-that’s a long time!) you start to pick up on a thing or two about some seriously incredible beauty secrets. Some of these have been tested by yours truly so I know first hand how some of them perform and feel, so feel free to contact me or comment below if you have any questions. Some of them are pretty well known, but I still meet some clients sometimes who maybe don’t have an older sibling or friend who got married before her to fill her in on some of these beauty secrets. Some of the big ones that are amazingly impactful for wedding photos:

1. Tape in Hair extensions-Provide thicker, fuller hair that will also hold a style for a longer period of time. The first time I wore them my kids thought that I had lost weight. My oldest son thought I had started using a different shampoo! They look and feel so natural…The only thing I can say is that a full head of hair will distract from your body, and maybe even create the illusion of a smaller body. My hair person Kaytie at Juut Aveda salon in Woodbury is amazing, but she’s hard to get an appointment with, so call months in advance to get her.

2. Eyelash extensions-more natural looking than glue on eyelashes. Provide more full looking lashes and length too if desired. Lots of options to choose from. I have always had long, full eyelashes, but just a few extensions even on me provides just a little more drama or pop to your images.

3. Urban Decay Makeup setting spray This stuff is AMAZING! Think hairspray for your makeup. It just seals everything in place. It also adds a nice “glow” which if you prefer no glow, just apply powder after it dries. I LOVE this stuff and use it myself on every wedding day. I’m there photographing for 9-12 hours, sweating, running around working my butt off. I don’t have time to go to the bathroom let alone touch up my own makeup…it’s a miracle product. My makeup looks as fresh as when I put it on when I use this stuff!

4. Cover Girl Outlast Lip Color Lipstick that does not come off is a MUST on your wedding day. I use this lipcolor every day. A clear gloss goes over the top after it dries. Stays moist and soft all day and the color does not come off until I eat something greasy and rub it off with a towel. You don’t want your lipstick to “kiss off” during photos…trust me!

5. Dermablend leg and body makeup to cover tattoos, scars, etc.

Who doesn’t want thicker, fuller hair that stays in place all day and all night? Tape in extensions do just that. Any of these products should be tried out BEFORE your wedding day. For example, having tape in hair extensions can be put in several weeks or even months before your wedding day, which is good because you’ll want to feel comfortable and be used to having them on your head. It’s a strange feeling at first and some people might feel weird, maybe feel like they are wearing a wig at first, so that could be a distraction on your wedding day. You want to feel like yourself and not be distracted wondering if people can tell that you are wearing them-remember the first time you wore a bra? You felt like everyone could tell and was looking at you…it’s kind of the same idea. I highly recommend trying everything out before your wedding day. Get comfortable with it and know how the product performs. Have your photographer take photos of you, do a practice run during your engagement session, you’ll see how natural they look and how much more they add to your look. You’ll feel more confident on your wedding day and know that you look good and that your makeup still looks as perfect as it did 8 hours ago. Who doesn’t want that? Of course some of these things might not be right for everyone, but I personally highly recommend the five products above.

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