Spring Break 2015 with our family in Cozumel

My oldest son Andrew took this photo of me with my grandson:20150310_133535 copycopySometimes you have to take time for family. I have had this one on my bucket list for a long time! Bringing our whole family including our grandson to one of our favorite places on the planet-Cozumel.  I got to introduce my 4 year old grandson to the beautiful Caribbean.  We snorkeled, ate delicious traditional Cozumel food, the best chips, salsa and fresh guacamole on the planet and explored the island together.  It was so fun, this was a dream come true for me!  With another grandchild on the way, we’ll have to do it again, I cannot wait, it was just awesome!  Here’s a slideshow of our trip:

If you are interested in planning a trip to Cozumel, I have been vacationing there since 2000, so I know the island well!  Cozumel is amazingly affordable besides warm, fun, safe and beautiful! I love being helpful, so feel free to contact me if you would like some insider tips!  It makes for a wonderful location for a destination wedding too!
There are many wonderful options for vacation rental properties and hotels. We have found the best value in renting condos on the island. Many options can be found through the following websites:
Or my favorite: Rentals Your Way
Which is who I have used the last three times. We like to try different locations, but we always look for a property that is located right on the beach. We enjoy snorkeling, so being able to enter the water without having to drive somewhere is preferred. I have also stayed at several of the hotels on the island. In my opinion, if you are going as a couple, a hotel is fine for the price you pay, but for a family, a condo or house in the beach will provide the space needed, for much less money. Even for a couple a condo is cheaper than a hotel, and many of the condos have the same services available (maids, concierge etc.) without the crowds of people and late night noise of activities keeping you awake at night.

The one we stayed at on this trip was Peninsula Grand Condominiums. All of the condo units have the same layout, the only difference being in the furniture and décor inside. They are designed to accommodate 8 people comfortably, but you could add one or two more guests in a pinch if you needed to (have extra guests sleep on couches, or bring inflatable beds, they do have extra bedding available, and the rooms are very large). If you shop around you can find very good deals. I have noticed that some property owners will charge double or triple for the same (almost identical) property others are offering. Peninsula Grand was a beautiful well maintained property and grounds with very easy access into the ocean for snorkeling. Even our four year old grandson was able to enjoy the snorkeling there! Almost all of the underwater photos in the slideshow were taken out in front of Peninsula Grand Condos. We also liked that the property was very quiet. There were always lounge chairs available on the beach and the (infinity) swimming pool was not packed when our grandson wanted to have some pool time. Our kitchen was fully stocked with everything we needed to prepare meals. With two large grocery stores on the island-Mega and Chedraui, both with a large selection of everything you could think of including alcoholic beverages, and prices about 1/2 of what we pay here at home at our local Cub Foods store, you can save a ton of money. We had lunch at Coconuts one day (on the East side of the island, very good food) and The Rasta Bar (southern tip of the island) another day. We always have dinner at least once at Casa Denis (the oldest restaurant on the island, kind of a tradition) my husband and I always order the seafood platter for two.:)

If you are considering planning a destination wedding in Cozumel, here are just a couple of beautiful resorts I recommend in Cozumel that are well equipped to handle weddings:



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