Is an Unplugged Wedding Best? How Do Couples Enforce This?

Sometimes someone taking a picture during the ceremony can be really cute, but sometimes it can actually ruin your wedding photos.  If you are willing to take that chance, that’s up to you of course, but here’s a few things to consider:

This is an adorable image that I captured of the bride’s dad taking pictures during the ceremony:IMG_3847-copy

A news story with some real life examples:

Wonder how couples enforce an unplugged wedding? To start with, just for the record I’m all for unplugged for the simple reason that it’s important to me as a person to be present and focused, I feel your guests should have that, but I do also realize it’s not my wedding, so if you decide it’s not for you then I support you 100% and can work around whatever your guests do!  I would like to add that of the hundreds of weddings that I have photographed that have been unplugged, not one of my couples has regretted the decision. Back to enforcement: First things first, make it clear to your guests from the beginning, then repeat.  Any opportunity to make your wishes known should be taken.  Your wedding website, even invites can include instructions for your guests.  Spread the word among friends and family that you will need their help getting the word out.  You can be funny or formal, whichever your style, just make it known.  Signs tend to get ignored at weddings, so consider having your officiant make an announcement that you request their full and complete presence so they can feel “all the feels”.

Another thing to consider is who you hire to capture video of your wedding.  Have you seen those large steady cams?  How about one of those just inches from your face as you recite your vows during the ceremony?  Some very talented videographers may be very good at capturing footage for commercial ads, but may not have the ability, talent or correct equipment to properly capture a wedding.  The videographer you hire should have lenses that are able to zoom in from a distance during the ceremony, so they don’t become a part of the ceremony and block everyone’s view (including guests and your photographer’s view).


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