Javier came home from work today to find a fresh pressed suit laid out for him with a note card from his wife attached and a rose boutonniere. Instructions said: Meet me at (specific address) in Minneapolis-No Googling!IMG_4501Being the wonderful husband he is, he put on the suit and followed his wife’s instructions. He arrived to what ended up being the church they were married in 10 years ago to the day. A very excited smiling photographer (me) was waiting for him at the top of the concrete stairs leading up to the church entrance. I greeted him and introduced myself. I said “You must have kind of figured out that your wife has a wonderful surprise for you here!” He was smiling ear to ear! I asked him to turn his back and wait right here.IMG_4463His wife Hayley came out of the church, and it was awesome!IMG_4464IMG_4466-2IMG_4468IMG_4474They went into the church and reflected on the vows they made to each other, details about the day, and what it meant to them. We duplicated some photos from the wedding day, then Hayley revealed the next surprise-dinner reservations at La Belle Vie and a special wedding anniversary cake!IMG_4508IMG_4533IMG_4538IMG_4548IMG_4571IMG_4586IMG_4606It was such an honor to be a part of this very special moment for these two, congratulations Haley & Javier!

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I am so happy that Kristina wanted to have her engagement session with Augie in an apple orchard with beautiful spring blooms! This was a photographer’s dream! We blocked off a few dates in advance, since it would be hard to predict exactly when the apple trees would be in full bloom. We kept an eye on the trees and the weather-finally we had a match! Last night ended up being perfect and we were able to capture exactly what Kristina had envisioned. I was so happy, I felt like a kid in a candy store with these two! Kristina & Augie were so wonderful to work with, I can’t wait for the wedding!IMG_0015 copyIMG_0068IMG_0109IMG_9832IMG_9858IMG_9872-copyIMG_9884-2IMG_9921-copyIMG_9941-copyIMG_9974-copy

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Trent and I have become very accustomed to and really LOVE traveling all over for our couples. Logan and Jordan live just outside of Phoenix, but are planning their wedding in Minneapolis. They are such a fun & super easy going couple! We were so happy that they were willing to send us down to sunny Arizona for the engagement session! We did two sessions for them, the first session in beautiful Sedona with all of the red mountains as our backdrop, then the following day we drove down to Phoenix and did another session there with giant cactus and desert as our backdrop. It was such a blast, I cannot wait for the wedding!






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Anyone who knows me knows I’m a dog nut. We have three dogs: Big, Alice and Ruby. Alice and Ruby are the old ladies and Big AKA “Biggie” is the young, high energy goof ball. Alice and Ruby were “designer” dogs (purchased from breeders when we were looking for something very specific. Biggie is a rescue that someone mistook as our Alice. We tried for four years to find his owner. He is now officially “ours”. I have to admit he’s my favorite-shh, don’t tell Alice, she would get angry! He’s just so lovable, and he is such a mommy’s boy. he is so protective and loyal. I have no doubt that he would give his life for me. Dogs in general too, when I’m taking a walk with my hubby and we come across someone with a dog, it seems like dogs always look at me and smile, so to me the natural response is to say hi! My husband thinks it’s goofy. Anyway, when my clients ask me if they can include the dog in the engagement session I am all over that! So obviously this was an especially fun session because the doggie was included:


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