Liz and Mike were married at Liz’s parent’s residence in Corcoran, Minnesota. Trent and I really enjoyed getting to know them; from the very beginning at a coffee shop up north, hearing about how they met and how they have grown together as a couple…they are SUCH a great couple!

I really love how Mike takes care of things when something happens. He fearlessly jumps right in and gets things done, it reminds me of my hubby: I think every one should have a Trent in their life, he’s such a good man… I also really love how they both like to act goofy and have fun, and of course I love how Liz is an animal nut, just like me. She actually has me beat with the number of dogs she has (I have 3, she has 4)

Liz and Mike’s wedding was absolutely incredible, a perfect example of how selecting all of the best venders can really make things spectacular. The florist/designer transformed an already very beautiful property into an amazing fairytale garden scene. The ceremony took place in the beautiful garden overlooking her parent’s home.  Everything just harmonized together perfectly!  Their wedding story was selected as a feature in the Knot Magazine.  You can see more on my Facebook page.  Details of Liz & Mike’s venders are below.  Enjoy!






Liz’s sister surprised everyone with some fireworks at midnight.

Liz & Mike’s wedding venders:
caterers: Design Cuisine
Dress designer: Kenneth Winston
Florist/Designer: Karolee of Zinnia Floral Design
Wedding Planner: Beth Anderson with Kismet Event Group
Stationary: Watermark Stationary
Makeup Artist: Nan Fletcher

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Javier came home from work today to find a fresh pressed suit laid out for him with a note card from his wife attached and a rose boutonniere. Instructions said: Meet me at (specific address) in Minneapolis-No Googling!IMG_4501Being the wonderful husband he is, he put on the suit and followed his wife’s instructions. He arrived to what ended up being the church they were married in 10 years ago to the day. A very excited smiling photographer (me) was waiting for him at the top of the concrete stairs leading up to the church entrance. I greeted him and introduced myself. I said “You must have kind of figured out that your wife has a wonderful surprise for you here!” He was smiling ear to ear! I asked him to turn his back and wait right here.IMG_4463His wife Hayley came out of the church, and it was awesome!IMG_4464IMG_4466-2IMG_4468IMG_4474They went into the church and reflected on the vows they made to each other, details about the day, and what it meant to them. We duplicated some photos from the wedding day, then Hayley revealed the next surprise-dinner reservations at La Belle Vie and a special wedding anniversary cake!IMG_4508IMG_4533IMG_4538IMG_4548IMG_4571IMG_4586IMG_4606It was such an honor to be a part of this very special moment for these two, congratulations Haley & Javier!

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