Last night I experienced what is possibly the most amazing event in a person’s life. I had the honor of being chosen to document the amazing birth of baby Mason. He was born at 10:49 p.m. Saturday evening. Mason’s mommy was so strong; the delivery was completely natural, with almost no interventions from any health professionals. Being an observer of the whole thing was so inspiring. Lindsey took on each contraction with the strength of a team of oxen; she stayed in control and worked with each contraction. Even when it was discovered that Mason was “sunny side up”, Mommy refused to give up or give in, she was able to push him out, even after being in transition stage for hours, and having no sleep for over 24 hours. The human soul or spirit has such an amazing potential. Click here to see the (non-graphic version) slideshow. I am so grateful for being chosen to document this incredible event!

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I just wanted to re-post this before the month is over. NILMDTS is an organization that I feel strongly about and am very involved in. Please consider supporting this organization.
President Ronald Reagan enacted Proclamation 5890 in October of 1988 to recognize that each year, approximately a million pregnancies in the United States alone end in miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of a newborn child. Reagan stated, “A national observance offers us the opportunity to increase our understanding of the great tragedy involved in the deaths of unborn or newborn babies. It also enables us to consider how, as individuals and communities, we can meet the needs of bereaved parents and family members… ”

A non-profit organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is holding it’s annual fund drive. Please consider making a donation to this important cause.
Click Here to enter the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep website and make a donation today.
Or, Click Here to learn more about Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.

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I don’t know how I was so lucky to have been chosen to photograph Allison Falconer’s wedding, but thank you God! What an amazing, wonderful family, and what an incredibly beautiful wedding! It was difficult to decide which few images to post…there were so many wonderful moments captured! So, I have posted the image that I just lost it & cried…the moment in which Allison first appeared with her dad. It’s a good thing my camera hides my face, because tears were rolling! I also posted a few nice detail shots. I will post more as I complete all of my enhancements and edits on the images. My assistant Tom took the top image-what an awesome shot-thank you Tom! Congratulations Allison & Austin! I hope you are having a wonderful time in Hawaii! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SLIDESHOW I thought I should also post the link to the Falconer Vineyard website as well-click here for more information on their award winning selection of delicious wines.

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  • Ann L - Michelle and Tom – we couldn’t be happier than we are with what we’re seeing on your web site and on Alli’s video. You were fabulous to work with. Any time you need a recommendation, count us in!! Ann (Alli’s mom)ReplyCancel

I am so excited to be on the front page of the Bulletin!! My cousin’s wife called me this morning to tell me that I made it to the front page! So, I went out and bought a copy to see for myself. Thank you everyone for the calls & emails. I feel famous! Thank you to Jonelle; my senior who’s photo is top, front center first page, and to Laura, who’s photo is also right on the front page. You guys rock!

You can click here to see the online version

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