My Portuguese Water Dog

After spending a few months researching dog breeds, attending dog shows, researching online and talking with other dog owners, Trent and I decided that our next dog will be a Portuguese Water Dog. Our goal was to increase our chances (realizing there are no guarantees) of finding a dog with a loyal and fun personality just like our dog Biggie (the best dog ever who we lost a few months ago to nasal cancer). We wanted A dog that we knew the mom and dad’s temperament & health history. A dog that we could observe with it’s litter mates to see what he was really going to be like personality wise (the kinds of things that they are born with). My dream dog is one that follows me around like our dog Biggie did, always looking at me, waiting for his cue to help me with something. A dog that’s submissive with other dogs, but not so shy he’s completely anti social, but focuses mostly on me. We found that type of dog, with the improvement of a non shedding coat in the PWD. I reached out to every PWD breeder I could find online within the 5 state area, requesting an appointment to visit with them and their dogs. (this is recommended by breeders and the AKC and PDWCA websites) I heard back from only 3 of the dozens or so I found. One of the three responded right away and set up a time with me, the other two were “too busy”. I saw the other two breeders later at a PWD show, one was very unapproachable, uninterested in talking to anyone, including me a perfect stranger who just wanted to meet and hear about her dogs. The other told me she had a computer problem and apologized for not getting back to me. Amazingly, the breeder who did set up a time to have me over to her home was also the closest to us, just 50 minutes from our house. Trent and I were very happy with everything we saw. This family had three PWDs and a little Yorkie too. They took us on a tour of their home and introduced us to the dogs. We played with them in the house and then we went outside. We spent a little over an hour talking with the breeder and her husband. After all of the emails I had exchanged with her and visiting with them in person, I knew they were a good fit for us. I should mention that I found my breeder on the PWDCA website list of recommended ethical breeders.

PUPPIES!!!! Fast forward, so mommy dog “Boo” is a solid black, PWD “wavy”, daddy dog “Bingo” is white and brown PWD wavy, almost straight coat. I had no idea what to expect for coloring. I knew I wanted a male with a wavy coat (not PWD curly) and other than that I was just looking for those personality traits that I want that are very important to me. I knew based on what our other dogs were like, especially Alice and Rube as puppies, what to look for. I knew it would be the one who stays by mom more and is submissive to the litter mates. I got the news on August 20th that the puppies were born! I was shocked to find out one male had identical markings of my dog Big….was it fate? The coloring is so random, amazing really that one of these puppies would be colored like that!  Cool, but personalities would show which puppy if any was a good fit. Only time would tell. I told the breeder I couldn’t even believe it, but personality was my priority over color so only time would tell which puppy was the right one, if there even would be a fit from this particular litter. The breeder agreed to allow me to come over and photograph the puppies. My motive was to have an opportunity to observe the puppies for myself to see how the personalities developed. Puppies are almost three weeks old now, they are walking now, starting to bark, growl, whine, play wrestle. Personalities are starting to show. You’ll never guess which one stays by mom most of the time and is submissive to the other puppies….yes, the male with the identical markings like my boy Biggie. I just can’t even believe it! It’s like God sent my Biggie back to me!BiggieRoss

The puppy-his nose will turn solid black as he matures.                                                 My boy “Biggie”


Proud Momma with her babies.  She’s such a good mom!  More pictures to come!

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