Michelle Huber Photography Destination Austin Texas engagement session!

This kind of scenario seems to be trending…the couple is getting married here in the Twin Cities, but live somewhere else. One of them is usually from the Twin Cities, the other is from the state where they currently live. They either know of me because I photographed a friend or family member’s wedding, or they read about me somewhere. We email back and forth, then talk on the phone and or Skype. It ends up working very well.  I love being helpful, so sometimes I end up being a huge part of the planning process, which I really enjoy very much.
Emily and Eddie were one of these couples, and let me tell you, I was absolutely THRILLED when I heard they live in TEXAS! Being it was was about 20 degrees average temps here, it seemed the obvious choice for me to fly down to see them in Texas for the engagement session! I had never been to Texas, except for connecting flights at the airport, so it was such an exciting trip for me.
One of my favorite things is to travel and see new places, combine that with my passion for photographing people…I was in heaven!! I had so much fun researching & planning the trip. I felt pretty cool when I found out that some of the places I suggested to Emily & Eddie were places they had never even heard of, but were very excited to see. After going back & forth about all of the beautiful options for backdrops, we narrowed it down to about 4 locations. My husband Trent and I flew in a few days before the session and scouted out the locations to see what we thought. We’re so glad we did, one of the locations that I was most excited about was a beautiful waterfall at Hamilton pool. With the massive drought they were experiencing, the waterfall had dried up! After experiencing the heavy weekend traffic, we made a plan of which places to visit in order to capture what the Emily & Eddie wanted for their photo session. We had so much fun, they even took me to lunch at a place that was highly recommended to me by a previous client from Texas called “Torchy Tacos”. I love Mexican food, and this was the best Tex-Mex food I have ever had in the US. Here is just a small sample of the images from our session:


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