Interview Questions for Wedding Photographers

Finding the right photographer to capture your wedding day is probably one of the most important investments you will make when planning your wedding.  Not only is the photography important, but feeling comfortable with the personality who will be with you all day matters too since they will be spending so much time with you.  It’s very important to get to know the person you are hiring as much as possible.  Talk to friends and family members.  Do research on potential candidates.

Below I have put together a list of important interview questions to ask.  (I know there are lots of lists out there, but this one I feel includes questions that are sometimes forgotten, but extremely important):

1.  Is the person you are interviewing the one who will actually be photographing your wedding?  Some companies farm out their business to photographers.  With these types of businesses, you may not know who is going to show up on your wedding day.

2.  Are the images on the website or samples actual work of the person you are interviewing?

3.  Find out if you will receive all of the images captured, or just an edited down collection.  Some photographers edit down to a certain number, or charge an additional fee if you want to see more than the initial collection that is shown.

4.  Ask if the digital images files will be full resolution, or limited to 8×10?  Some photographers will not give up the original full resolution images.  They want large print orders to go through them to control quality being produced.

5.  Meet your photographer in person, be sure to do an engagement session with them to “try them out” before the wedding.

Lastly, get everything in a written contract so there are no surprises later on.

I have been photographing weddings since 1988.  I started out with film, so I have the discipline of a seasoned photographer, my camera is an extension of me, so I can focus on what’s really important-you!  You should feel as comfortable as possible during a photo session so you look your best!  I talk with my clients, get couples in motion, having fun, interacting with each other so I can capture their true essence in beautiful imagery.  Sometimes catching people in a perfect moment comes from creating that moment with my clients.

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