I Love Dogs…

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a dog nut. We have three dogs: Big, Alice and Ruby. Alice and Ruby are the old ladies and Big AKA “Biggie” is the young, high energy goof ball. Alice and Ruby were “designer” dogs (purchased from breeders when we were looking for something very specific. Biggie is a rescue that someone mistook as our Alice. We tried for four years to find his owner. He is now officially “ours”. I have to admit he’s my favorite-shh, don’t tell Alice, she would get angry! He’s just so lovable, and he is such a mommy’s boy. he is so protective and loyal. I have no doubt that he would give his life for me. Dogs in general too, when I’m taking a walk with my hubby and we come across someone with a dog, it seems like dogs always look at me and smile, so to me the natural response is to say hi! My husband thinks it’s goofy. Anyway, when my clients ask me if they can include the dog in the engagement session I am all over that! So obviously this was an especially fun session because the doggie was included:


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