Fresh new look coming soon!

So I have had the same logo and watermark for about 7 years now…7 years!!!   Seriously, it’s time for something new and fresh!  I have always done my own designs since I do basically do graphic design when I put together save the date cards and wedding books, but I’m thinking maybe for once I hire a professional who specializes in logo design.  I have been looking at so many neat things on the Instagram machine and was so inspired by one graphic design artist in particular.  The things she posted really spoke to me.  I love that she paints, in fact she painted a family portrait of her, her husband and their two little kids for a father’s day gift for her husband….so stinkin sweet!  Her designs spoke to me too-beautiful, professional, interesting & inspiring!  Also, little things like a picture on her website of a bottle of Topo Chico-my husband and I have a pantry FULL of cases of Topo Chico sparkling water in glass bottles.  I don’t even know anyone else who drinks Topo Chico…do you?  We live off of that stuff! Weirdly I feel connected to that.  Anyway, I am SO EXCITED to see what she comes up with!!!   Here’s her website if you’re curious:

She, (like me) has just begun to build her Instagram, so please check her out there as well and give her a follow! ashton lenae

Ashton Lenae2


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