Easy from scratch Thai Green Curry Recipe!

curryWith all of the traveling we do for weddings, we have become truly spoiled on really good food. I’m talking GOOD food-upscale, James Beard Award winning food.

Trent & I love Thai food.  One of our favorite restaurants when we’re home in the Twin Cities is Roat Osha in Uptown, Minneapolis.

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl; highly acclaimed food and wine writer wrote this about Roat Osha: “The beef salad, for instance, is made with good skirt steak marinated in lime juice, galangal, and chilies, quickly grilled, sliced and served in a nutty tasting roast rice-powder dressing on a bed of iceberg lettuce, with plenty of cut long beans and fresh cilantro and mint. It’s a lovely dish: light, lively, forthright, brightly spiced, and tasty. Another great dish is the red beef curry, a complicated mélange of a couple dozen freshly ground spices. Order it mild and you will be tempted to drink the sauce straight from the bowl”

So yeah, this place is the bomb. One of our (many) favorites is the green curry sauce.  Since we live about 45 minutes from uptown, it’s not always practical to make the drive, especially on days when we have already driven across the city and back again meeting with clients.  Sometimes it’s nice to just relax at home and snuggle on the couch with a warm bowl of healthy goodness in our face.

Those of you who know me well, know that in addition to weddings, photography, my hubby, my kids, and my 3 fur babies, I also really enjoy cooking, baking and developing new recipes. So I’m excited to share my latest “invention” with you all to enjoy.

The thing I love about this green curry (besides tasting like a rainbow of amazing deliciousness), is that you know exactly what you are putting into your body, so not only do you feel like what you have eaten is extremely healthy, you know without a doubt that it actually is very healthy and has lots of medicinal value, especially during the cold and flu season.

How did I develop this recipe? I researched what goes in to a traditional Thai Green Curry, tried a few things, taste tested it, even compared it to a sample that I brought home from Roat Osha until I felt that it was a close replica.

Some of the truly traditional ingredients are pretty impossible to find in the US, so those of you who really know…please don’t judge! This is seriously a pretty good match though!  Next time I make this I will have my camera handy so that I can add photos, but for now, here is what I came up with:


Shopping list: about 2 T. Galangal root (if you can’t find it, you can use ginger root) 1 Lemon grass stalk, I whole garlic bulb, 2 large shallots, 2 serrano chilies, 2-3 jalapeño peppers, Coriander root (or fresh cilantro if you can’t get this) 1 lime, shrimp paste* (you probably won’t find, see below) sea salt, white pepper, ground Coriander seed, cumin, 2 cans of Thai coconut milk, a few Tablespoons of veg. oil.

*as a substitute for shrimp paste, I roasted some bonito flakes (about a T.)on a piece of aluminum foil over the stove, them crumbled it to a powder. This provides the umami flavor that makes it Thai.

Prepare: Peel and rinse the shallots, galangal root or ginger, garlic (about 8 cloves) remove the seeds and white flesh from the peppers, zest the lime (you will use just the zest in this recipe)

For the lemongrass, you will peel away the first couple of layers, and only use the section that has the purple rings (about two inches up from the root)

I used a mandolin to finely slice everything, this will cut down on the lengthy time required to turn all of these ingredients into a paste. Everything listed above except for the coconut milk will eventually go into the food processor.  Process everything until it turns into a paste, add a few T. of veg. oil to help.  The ingredients should take on a fragrance of its own.  If you can smell one specific ingredient, then add more of something else until you achieve this. Once everything has been processed to this point, and it becomes sort of a creamy blend with no small pieces visible, you can transfer it to a saucepan.  Cooking the sauce further melds the flavors, and renders it down to a thick paste.  You can save the paste for a long time by canning it (just put the hot mixture in a jar, tightly close the lid and put it in the refrigerator) Once you are ready to make your curry, heat it up in a saucepan, gradually adding the two cans of coconut milk until it is well blended.  Add stir fried veggies and/or protein of choice, serve with some jasmine rice-BOOM!  So delicious…it’s truly addictive, and so healthy.  Enjoy!

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