Destination Wedding Planning

Are you planning a destination wedding and wondering if you should be bringing your own photographer with you?  Most couples who regard photography as an important aspect of their wedding do and here’s why it can be one of the best wedding decisions you make:


Bringing a photographer from home with you can actually help alleviate some stress.  You’ll know this person, have a good relationship with them already and know exactly what to expect, AND you’ll have no worries about any potential language or cultural barriers.


A Better Value-You will definitely get more for your money.  Chances are pretty good that your resort photographer will not be with you to cover as much as your home photographer will.  Everything from getting ready, family or close friends groupings, the ceremony, reception, the fire dancer you paid big money for, up to a fun, laid back day after session.  Your home photographer will also help with much of the planning for the day, which also goes along way in alleviating potential stress. In many cases it can even be less expensive to bring your own photographer! There won’t be any confusion about exactly what will be covered or what products you will receive after the wedding, and much more straight forward communication both before and after the wedding.



Quality Photography.  Most (not all, but definitely most) of the photography I have seen from resort photographers is really poor quality.  Think underexposed, blurry, grainy, poor lighting, etc..  Sorry to say this, but it’s true.  The resort may have a handful of nice samples to show you.  Maybe they got lucky on a few shots over the years, but you should be able to view entire weddings by the exact person who will be covering your wedding.  Get it in writing that that is the person who will actually show up, how many images they promise to deliver, and the format (such as high resolution or low resolution jpeg files) at the very least.  Ask these questions beforehand.  Chances are they can’t or wont do this for you.  Your “home” photographer can and will provide you with all of your images high resolution and with a printing release.  Not just 5- poorly printed 4×6 postcard size prints. (yes, this really happened to someone I met at a wedding)



hiring a resort photographer is much like eating at a fast food restaurant.  The food satisfies your need to eat then you come to regret eating it later.   If wedding photography is a priority, hire a photographer who you love and bring them with you to your destination wedding.    You can have your wedding in the most beautiful place on earth, however, if you do not have amazing images to re-live that day you will spend the rest of your life wishing you did.


Still not convinced, see what Destination Wedding Magazine says.

Lastly, remember to be yourself and enjoy your day; the pictures will reflect the happiness of it!

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