The number one most important aspect of Photography

The most important aspect of beautiful wedding and engagement photos is that you look natural and comfortable. Because let’s face it, even if the lighting and posing looks great, if you don’t like your expression then none of the other stuff really matters right?  This is why I spend a lot of time listening and making sure you feel comfortable, I guide you through and make it super fun, easy (and work quickly) with you and your whole wedding party. It takes years of experience to get good enough and fast enough that you know what you’re doing so the focus can be on taking care of your couples.   If you are stopping to think too long about camera adjustments or composition, you loose precious time that can be spent on a different scene or the wedding party going off to mingle during cocktail hour (which in itself can be a great photo opportunity right?  Wedding couples we work with (and wedding parties) frequently say they can tell we know what we’re doing and that we’ve obviously had a lot of experience or that we make it look so easy.  We make it look easy because it is easy for us, we’ve been doing this for a long time, our cameras are an extension of us.  Read what our couples say (link to live reviews) and learn more about us on my website. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people tell me they wished they had hired a more experienced professional like me to photograph their wedding.  It really saddens me to hear stories about people who waited months to get their wedding images back only to be disappointed in both the quality and quantity of their images.  Our couples understand and appreciate what goes into quality professional wedding photography.  I would be happy to explain all of the technical aspects and the behind the scenes of what goes into every wedding, but for now I just thought I would share one of the biggest differences our couples notice-how easy it is to work with us and how easy we make it for them to relax and feel natural for photos because this is the most important aspect of a photograph of yourself right?  After the engagement session our couples tell us “thank you so much for making that so easy and making us feel comfortable”  By that point I have shown them some images throughout the session so they know what to look forward to when they see the previews and feel good about what was captured.  This helps tremendously for the wedding day as well.  Our couples know we are going to make them look good and capture lots of great images of the wedding, they trust us and are able to just experience the day, be in the moment and just “take in” the whole thing without a single worry about the photography.IMG_7556-2IMG_7570-2IMG_7572IMG_7600-2IMG_7621-2IMG_7712IMG_7723IMG_7821

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